Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday {Time}

Time is measured on clocks, on calendars, on our bodies.  Time is spent well and wasted.

Time is powerful when harnessed and focused.  

Time on Facebook is soon lost.

I need some time margin, do you?

We all need more of it because it's the biggest gift that we waste.  
Oh wait a minute...that's just me.

So I pray for more of it.  
Not that God would increase my minutes, 
but make the time He gives me more productive.  
What He has been teaching me is rest in this "time-is-mine" lesson., make my time yours...make me wait on your best time, 
in all my minutes, hours, days, years, and beyond... in all this time I have left.  

In evaluating my time, I realize there must be time margin.  I need more for.....  

In my deepest need, I need more time to spend with you God.  That's what I crave.  

Is time an issue with you too?
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