Monday, September 10, 2012

Music Monday [KJ52 - Brand New Day]

New mercy
I am loving this new song from KJ52.  From the title to the period of these lyrics, the whole song just meets me in my faith growing season.  

Favorite lines are...and my responses to the lyrics are in red.

Your life is all I chase ~ Yes, Lord take my life...make it yours!
I run right upon this race ~ Running to You brings new opportunities to discover You!
Cause in you I’m gone put all my faith ~ There is nowhere else that satisfies like you God.
Some nights I lose my way ~ Some days I lose it too.
Sometimes I walk and stray ~ Sometimes I run away.
But you come right inside my space ~ I'll open the door for You.
And each time you come you give me strength~Your strength that I don't have.
This time I fix my gaze ~ So help me through this maze.
This time it wont be the same ~ I am praying You will make me Your different.
This time I wont be ashamed ~ Honestly, I will let it out.
So this time I can’t help but say that. ~ I must say my things to give You praise.

Your sunlight is on my face ~ Your Light reflects your wonderful grace.
I look back how far I came ~ And I am amazed at what you have tamed.
I think about how much I’ve changed ~ Change is hard, but changes are good.
It was hard at times but I’m not the same ~ How can I not be changed?

Why would I want to be the same?  That is a great question!  I don't know why I would want to refuse God's best.  When I read His word...I am changed.  There is always some truth that I can apply to my life.  And because of His truth, He is changing me to be more and more like Him.  I have come some distance, but anytime my nowhere collides with God's somewhere, well..that's a corner I want to camp out on.’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to be.  God's not done with me yet.  He's not done with you either.
What changes have you seen God do in your life?
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