Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cutting Edge in Storm Chasing

I chose to watch the Discovery Channel last night on TV instead of game 2 of the World Series. Seriously, it wasn't that hard of a decision. Anyway, there was an interesting show on about storm chasers. Let me just say that these guys were insane! Seriously. These people are so serious about it that they have built a tank. It's billed as the "ulitmate storm-chasing" machine. Now I enjoy storm chasing, but these guys take it the next level. Hey Val Castor is this your dream machine?

In other news, the government is looking to launch a new and powerful weather satellite that will be better able to pinpoint where hurricanes and tornados may strike. The Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellite, "GOES-R", will have the ability to photograph hurricane tracks every 30 seconds and take pictures of cloud-to-cloud lightning that can precede tornados. Amazing weather technology.
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