Friday, July 29, 2011

Shared Dwelling

I came across this verse in the Bible today.  It stopped me in my tracks.

"Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food." ~ Romans 14:20 

Wait.a.minute.  (It seems as if you put periods in between words in a sentence it adds more emphasis).  Dear God...was that written just for me?

When making changes towards a healthy body, I have to put into practice the know-how of making healthy choices in regards to food.  You probably think this is all that I think about.  For now...well, it's that huge in my mind.  It's that big of a battle.

My thoughts go to some pretty destructive places, so I have to build a mind defense against the attacks of the evil one.  Being a slave to food is my area of weakness.  I have to build my defense so that I will not panic and run to the first cupcake I see, thinking it's going to comfort me.

I want to obey God in the area of eating so that His "works" will not be destroyed.  If I obey Him...
     I would feel better physically.
     I would feel better about myself.
     I would look better.
     I would not have to wear tight clothing.
     I would have better endurance and be stronger.
     I would be an inspiration and encouragement to others. 
     I would be free from the addiction of food.
     I would enjoy my moments with God more.
     I would destroy the distraction of food being a comfort.
     My faith would increase as His work is evidenced in my life.
     I would be living a life designed by God to experience His best.  

Why would I want to hinder or destroy the goodness that God has planned?

I don't.  That is why I will only let my heart be a dwelling place for One.
Since the Holy Spirit dwells within me, then my heart is a shared dwelling place for Him and all things that I allow there.  When I cram my coronary corners full of things other than God, I am hampering the work that He wants to do.

God isn't done with my construction zone yet.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done but through my obedience in the area of food, I am allowing His work to continue.  Otherwise, I would be sharing a dwelling space with things that would destroy.  And honestly, that chocolate chip cookie is just not not worth it.  

What are some "works" God can do in your life if you are obedient to Him?
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