Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Have a Secret For You

One of life's most exciting full surrender to Christ.  

And....then letting God work His full potential in your heart.  I am exploring the gift of writing that He has given and has confirmed over and over during the past year.  I have answered the call of obedience to put pen to paper, or put fingers to keyboard and write a book.  This is HUGE to me.  I feel like David when he was facing his giant.  

I am at the writer water's edge....gathering my gumption...looking at my own reflection staring back at me.  I am mesmerized as I blindly search for some rocks of God's faithfulness that I can stick in my pocket...hoping I only need one Rock to take this giant fear down.  The biggest step is forward, the biggest fear is myself.  

I really don't know how to do this...and that's what makes it so intimidating.  I don't know how it's going to turn out, but I am willing to try.  I do know though it won't be perfect.  That is a hurdle I've had to overcome in this process of writing my story to you.  I was wanting to write a perfect story, wrapped up in nice box with a pretty pink bow on top.  I kept waiting and waiting for it to look like I thought it should, when God dropped this in my heart.

"Why would I want you to write a perfect story?  That has already been written.
No, I want you to write your story.  The story I am still perfecting in you."

My response was one of doubt and dismay.  Why would anyone want to hear a broken and my not-so-pretty tale?  
Because it's His-story perfected in me.  

You have one too.  If I have learned anything in my walk of faith, God can take your uglies and perfect His beautiful.  The journey of God wrapping His story in my life in a nice-sweet-tidy-little package with a perfect pink bow is the exciting part.   God is changing me as His redeeming love penetrates my heart.  The more I hideout in His word, the more I want to be like Him. 

It's a story that's too good not to share.

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