Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Twitters

There are so many times that I miss twittering random thoughts. I have challenged myself not to text while driving. Seriously it really is dangerous. Even Dr. Phil says so and did a whole show about it. So because of that fact, I have to remember all great things I see and then twitter them later. Here's some random twitterings from the weekend.
I love driving for four hours straight.
Sonic - an oasis in the desert
No Amish sightings today.
Oh ....was that real pig or a pig statue?
Durant Wal-Mart has the biggest collection of weird people. It's true.
The WM collection never dissapoints.
I love homemade pizza! Lindsay style.
Why am I awake so early on a Saturday? ARG! many flying magazines does a soon-2-be pilot need?
Success!! Almost done with packing.
Who says newlyweds don't have that much stuff.
Will THAT huge exercise machine fit? At least he doesn't have a big screen TV.
Four more days I get to come back.
No one on the road for a Sunday afternoon.
I think I am tired now.
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