Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Heart of Skillet

I had the pleasure of seeing Skillet in concert at the Youth Evangelism Conference in Norman last weekend. Imagine 10,000 youth crammed into an arena, jamming with one of the hottest bands in Christian rock right now. That would be Skillet. I got to meet John Cooper personally which was a treat for me because I have admired their music for years. I like that they are honest about God is doing in their lives and communicate that through the music they play. Some question their motives, the music style, and think it is evil. I think that is a personal decision. My take on it is this, I believe that God can use ALL styles of music to reach those who need to be reached. God is using Skillet to reach many who have been searching.

I came across this interview CCM magazine, who had the opportunity to speak to John and Kory of Skillet.
CCM: John, you have a good bit to say during a Skillet show. Do you feel a part of your calling is to speak into the lives of fans?

John: I do. It can be as small as explaining why you wrote a song. Maybe it’s about relationships and I’ll tell a story about how God taught me His faithfulness through a certain experience. Those kinds of things seem to really affect people.

Korey Cooper: Music is so powerful and gets in people’s souls and spirits where other things couldn’t. There’s vulnerability there and we are aware of that. When fans come to shows we want them to have that experience with God that they wouldn’t normally have, because they are open to it at that point. We want the reality of the presence of God coming when we play.

One of the powerful things at YEC was John Cooper giving a personal testimony from the stage about God working in his life and challenging the students to allow God to work in their lives. That spoke volumes to me, how about you?
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