Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Find Tinsel Distracting

It started as a joke yesterday with my letter to the Christmas Tree. But since I wrote that, I have decided NOT to put up a Christmas tree this year. Before I explain my reasons, let me say this, I don't find anything wrong with all. I don't think it's evil and I don't believe it is the graven, decorated image that is noted in Jeremiah. This is my opinion. You may disagree with me and I am okay with that.

I am basically lazy and don't want to take the time to decorate a tree this year. And upon further inspection of the Keith traditions, I find that we do things out of habit just because it's the season, or we feel like we should. This year I am not playing the game. In fact, now, I don't want to put up a tree just so that I can feel this Christmas season without it. I actually find the tinsel distracting. Again, this is my blog, therefore, I can write my opinion.

As I was thinking about all of the "reasons for the season" (I hate cliches, by the way) and I thought to myself, this year it seems as if I am decorating out of habit, not because it helps me celebrate the birth of Jesus more. So there you have it. The time I would spend decorating a tree I could spend doing something more productive.

What seasonal distractions are you faced with this year?
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