Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Post Office Protocol

You know... I thought everybody knew the Post Office Protocol. Evidently not, because I witnessed two separate incidents that showed me that not every one does. Ok, so I was in line at the Post Office, waiting to mail my first class registered, return receipt first class letter. Yeah, it was complicated. There were two customers ahead of me trying to prepare their packages to mail as the line progressed. Finally their turn. One guy, in his twenties, puts his box containing a woman's purse, a child's purse and an overnight bag in a box on the counter. "I want to mail this to Taiwan" the PO worker said, "It's not ready". The customer threw up his hands, like he didn't understand English. He did. the problem was that there was not one spec of tape or and address label on the package. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT WHEN YOU MAIL A PACKAGE, YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED!! How dare anyone present their prized packages of various weights to the counter without any tape or an address label? It's unthinkable!! The PO worker stood his ground and didn't budge one inch in giving into the failures of customer number one. The next customer was the exact same thing except that package was going to Norman. The lady in her forty's apparently missed the memo about the tape and address label as well. I quietly observed their debacles and was trying to contain myself from laughing out loud for a really long time. Who doesn't know that?? Oh my goodness!! I was just thankful that no one went postal while I was there. If nothing else, maybe this will be a lesson to all who read this, never try to mail a package without tape and an address label ever. It will never reach it's final destination. It's true!
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