Monday, April 20, 2009

Reason #245188

Our pledge drive was extended till today. If you are asking WHY? should you's a reason. This ministry reaches to the prisons where we don't always go. We have some friends behind bars and they tell us that the music reaches through the razor wire to encourage them. We call it ministry, they call it their lifeline.

We received this note from Chad:

Portal to the Lord

Daily life in prison is tough
And spirits can sink low
You look for some seclusion
But there's nowhere you can go

I lie there in my bunk at night
The noisiness abounding
Surely there's a place of refuge
To keep my head from pounding

I need to think on good things
Not dwell upon my past
Think on things pure and true
Things that eternally last

Luckily there's my headphones
An instrument that makes my thoughts whole
My radio dial is locked in
To place that feeds my soul

That place is called The House
It's where Christian hits live
Their music encourages and inspires me
To persevere and forgive

The House FM is my weapon
It's a double-edged sword
I live at The House every day
It's my portal to The Lord

Help us reach those who are in prison. They need the encouragement The House FM has to offer. Make a pledge here.
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