Saturday, November 8, 2008

How To Save a Dog's Life

Just in case you are wondering what to do if your dog eats 3 blocks of mouse poison, I have the answer. Remember it always, it might just save your pet's life. Ok, so Saturday I was putting out some mice poison in one of our outdoor buildings. I have to do this periodically because we live in the country and they are everywhere. The mice are not, I repeat NOT in my house!! (Glad we cleared that up) I had no sooner put it out and my dog Sophie was right beside me. She is always right beside me, I never think anything about that. Her bowl of food was also empty so I fed her. She saunters over to her bowl and starts chowing down. I notice that she is really smacking, so I look at her and I see aqua crumbs on her dog lips. Aqua is the same color of the mouse poison. I go back into the shop and look to see if the blocks that just put down are still there. They are gone! She ate 3 of them!! I am thinking..."OH NO!!!!" I know what this does to the mice, it makes their insides explode. Is this going to happen to Sophie? That would be messy. So...I looked it up on the world wide web about what to do if your dog ingests 3 aqua colored blocks of mouse poison, and it said to give her Hydrogen Peroxide. It will result in vomiting. Now this is where it starts to get gross. If you don't like gross things or if you are snacking while reading this then stop. WARNING! What I am about to write next is...well...gross! Ok, you have been warned. Shayne and I give her some peroxide and she hated it. I gave her as much as we could. I worried if it is enough. Apparently it was because about 10 minutes later, I checked on her and there are two large mounds of undigested dog food and mouse poison on the ground out in the front yard. Gross!!!!...but I was never so glad to see yak in my life. I hope she is going to be ok. I mean she is my favorite dog in the whole world. I have seen her eat a lot of things in her life time, but never anything this volatile. It's been almost 48 I am hoping, so hoping and praying that she will be ok. Let this be a lesson to you, hopefully it could save your pet's life.
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