Saturday, June 8, 2013

My summer bucket list

I put a lot of stock in lists.  I mean when I write things down it's not only fun to cross things off but it gives a weird sense of accomplishment.  So here is my 2013 summer bucket list in no particular order.

1.  Eat a ridiculous amount of Billy's (my son-in-law) guacamole dip.  Once you have had his you won't want to eat anyone else's.  It's that good ....seriously.  Binge-worthy!

2.  Ziplining somewhere.  High adventure!

3.  Eat a vine ripened home grown tomato with juice and seeds drooling down my chin meat.

4.  I want to hang out here, sleep.  Repeat.

5.  I would love it if I lost 5 more pounds.  

6.  Buy a new swimsuit and wear it.

7.  Run a 5K in Denver, CO.  Fast!

 8.  Eat one of these once.

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