Thursday, September 4, 2008

Narrow Escape....within centimeters......

Ok, I can do this...Um..Yesterday I had a close encounter of the mouse kind!!!!! Uh...yeah. Now if you know me you and know me well, then you know how tramatic that was. Trama!! I was sitting on the couch in the studio, getting ready for staff meeting. Dale, my assistant, told me to get up so I did without hesitation. I stood up and as I turned around, I saw it! A live mouse was on the couch cushion, right where I was sitting. He had been hiding below the cushion and had crawled up on top of the cushion right as i sat down. I guess he came out to see what was going on....his mistake. Upon seeing the mouse, I entered the FREAK OUT zone. I ran screaming down the hall, proclaiming the trama that I was experiencing. Just thinking about this, makes my heart pound and my breathing becomes labored. *Big gulp* Darcey, the engineer, came to my aid. Captured the mouse and disposed of it! Another *big gulp* will never be the same. Some ask, "why is this such a big deal?" Well, you just don't know. I realize that God made the mice, but they should not invade my space. I don't invade theirs. And especially when they come with centimeters of me, that is WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY to close! Yeah, a narrow escape. I could have been eaten alive!! Not even kidding!!
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