Monday, May 14, 2012

That's Normal

Nothing like camping out in a hospital room that makes you want to crash for the normal parts of your life.    

It's the disruption of the normal schedule that can throw you off the most.  

Not normal makes you forget where you were going, you have to stop and realize who you belong to. 

Could it be that this sometimes happens to you too?

The things that are not normal can wear one out.  All I can do is lean in close and share a prayer.   

I need to feel the soft touch of my Savior.   

In the middle of all those unsettling things that happen and I need some close whispers…

You are not alone.  
I know more than you,
 I can see deeper than you, 
Don't be afraid to dream.  

I have to understand that the not-normal days are still a part of a greater plan.  And God still has the days numbered even when it's more than I can see right now. 

Some how we make it through, even on the weak and very not-normal days.  Some how we make it.  

When life gets hard .....when life gets loud and not normal.

In the middle of all the noise, there is only One who is true.

Especially when it been one of those not normal weeks.
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