Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Your Heart Sinks

Life stinks sometimes
Today I heard some bad news about my dear friends that are in the process of adopting not just one, or two, but three kids from Haiti.  I am fascinated with the idea that they want to increase their family by three.  Not are they making their home bigger but their hearts bigger too.  It's been crazy-good watching God school their family in this adoption process.

They might tell you different today though.  It has been an arduous journey, one that has been laced with prayer and trust in God.  Recently, they received some heart-stopping news that their official adoption papers got "thrown out".  There was some mystical error and it seems they must start over.

I don't know how you would take news like theirs...but I was hit cold and hard with sadness and this isn't even my family.  Tears streamed down my face as I texted an message of encouragement back.  My heart was breaking for them...they've worked this family expansion plan for a long time.  In fact, much time, effort, and money have been spent to get this procedure started and moving forward.  Most importantly though they have also held those three little kids near their to hearts and have already loved them into their home.

As my heart sank..I asked..."God, what are you up to?  Help make me some sense out of this?  God how can this be good?  Show us Your purpose!"  My mind immediately went to some dear friends in Jesus' inner circle...Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  Read John 11.

Imagine Martha's heart-sinking moment as she longingly looked to the horizon, with the cries of her sister's grief echoing over the silent frame of her dead brother.  Martha waited for three long agonizing days, as she hoped she would get some comfort from her Master.  The purpose of her wait was not revealed until Jesus declared it was time.  

I love the tender moment of restoration from this morbid story of life.  Jesus went to the grave site followed by the curious.  Can you hear their wondering questions?  "Help us make some sense out of this?  God how can this be good?  Show us Your purpose?!"  

Jesus' heart sank too with deep compassion over the loss of Lazarus. As He asked for the stone to be moved, dead silence met the sisters act of obedience.  Who wouldn't be confused about what Jesus was going to do next?  God's glory was revealed through Jesus' command "Lazarus, come out!"  God did this so that those sinking hearts would believe and know that only He could bring life out of death.
Only God can. 

When your world is hit bad news of something lost, or stolen or when death has left a sting, know that God has a purpose and a plan for your sinking heart of sadness.  Sometimes we see His glory revealed, sometimes we don't.  But know this...only God can bring restoration in the silence of your questions and brokenness.  Only God can bring restoration out of your obedience and trust.  Only God can bring new life to your dead places that need healing.  Only God can ask you to roll away your stones of unbelief so that His glory will be shown in your dark tombs.  

Only God can.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this word of encouragement today! I really needed it!

Nick said...

Thank you for sharing! When "God (asks) you to roll away your stones of unbelief.... His glory will be shown in your dark tombs." Wow! 

Tammie said...

Tears!! And what a perfect day to touch on sadness and hurt. Once again...good job. He gives you great words dear friend!! Love u.

Ruth said...

YES, HE can. Proclaiming that he is mighty often changes our perspective on things. He shares our situation Even if we do Not notice.

Pam Worcester said...

Tears are usually my first option. And questioning why, God?? But now I have the encouragement I need. I agree with Nick - love the thought of asking God to roll away my stones of disbelief so that His glory will be shown in my dark tomb! Roll those stones, God, roll those stones! Let your glory shine, God!

Chris said...

I have been on your mailing list for some time now.
Each day, I anticipate for your blog and read them like a daily devotional.
In fact, sometimes, I read your blogs and use the themes for the daily devotionals that I am writing for my small group!
Thank you for writing the blogs.

The reason why I am writing to you is because its so amazing.
I had just completed a mini section of a bible study that I am doing and guess what?
It was about God may have a radio silence to all the requests, sometimes, rejects the requests that we are putting through.
But hey! That is also the time to go back to God, seek Him, confess the sins, pray and wait and He will show Himself in His time for the purpose that He wants to happen in our lives.
Amazingly, its the exact same message that you have written!

Thanks again

Lloyd said...

Only God can... Amen

Unknown said...

Thanks for another wonderful blog!

HILAV said...

Oh how I wish I could share how appropriate this is for our family. We have had a summer of loss and are are coming up on the anniversary of one of our 2 adoption losses. We have been able to see a very tiny glimpse of how God has used our story for His glory and even though Life is Hard God is Good!

The House FM said...

Thanks for the reminder. Susan