Thursday, October 9, 2008

His Name is John

This morning we played the name game. I was supposed to think of famous people by the name of John. All I could think of was my brother-in-law, John Harris. Yeah....seriously! My brain totaly collapsed, froze up, and vaper locked! It was so emabarrasing. But since then I have thought of all kinds of "John" names. There was John Foreman, John McCain, John Wayne, John Mellancamp, John Rivers, John the Baptist, John Fuller, John Cooper, John Edwards, John Smith, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, John Travolta, John Dryden, Elton John, John Madden, Jon Stewart, John Grisham, Pope John Paul, King John, Johnny Appleseed, John Kerry, John Scofield,
John Steinbeck, John F. Kennedy, and John Hagee. I am sure there are a ton more that I have never heard of. Yeah, why couldn't I remember all these Johns this morning? And more importantly how do you get your brain to inflate again?
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