Thursday, November 13, 2008

Travis Brorsen!!

We talked to Travis Brorsen, winner of the Greatest Amercian Dog Show. In case you missed it you can click here. What a thrill to talk to him. He has a new website were you can find out all about Travis and Presley. I blogged about it earlier about how Perry gave him a hero's welcome.
You know Travis and I have a lot in common:
He graduated from Perry High School and so did I.
He has a dog and so do I.
He is an actor and lives in California and I'm on the radio and heard in California.
He's been on a reality TV show and I have been on the The House FM webcam.
He's flying to Maine next week and my maiden name was Maine.
He buys dogfood and so do I.
He had a part on the TV series called Jag and I loved to watch Jag.
He wears jeans and so do I.
Only difference is he wears cowboy boots and I don't. Oh well....other than that we are like twinkies.....
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