Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cat Sammie

Yesterday, I was grabbing lunch on the go. I left work to go Oklahoma City for Terry's doctor's appointment and I had just enough time to stop by our house, pick up Terry and grab some lunch. I made a turkey sandwich (first one I had in months, normally I have a salad of some kind). I was really looking forward to it. The sandwich is made and I get a call on my phone from Lindsay (my Denver dwelling daughter) who proceeded to tell me about her new friend on Facebook. I step aside to focus on what she is telling me, unaware that I am leaving my sammie (sandwich) unprotected. I go back to wrap the sammie and there I find Macon, the cat

(actually it's Billy's cat, my son-in-law)

chowing down on half of it.

Are you kidding me?!?!??!?! Yeah, with no regard for taking my lunch, he looked like he was really enjoying it. Who wouldn't have? It was a turkey sammie after all. I shooed him off the counter and gave him a strongly worded scolding! He just looks at me, licking his cat lips as if to say, "Can I at least finish that half?" NOOOOOOOOO, I threw it away. And then picked up the other half that Macon didn't get to, ate it in like 3 seconds, and ran out the door. It didn't hit me until later, that I might have ingested a huge hair ball from him towering over it like he did. Has this ever happened to you? I just hope that if I do cough up....

some hair balls....that someone will take pity on me and take me to the vet.
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