Tuesday, January 27, 2009

House Party Dance

Today I tried a workout DVD to add variety to my exercise regime of five days a week for 30minutes a day. I went to my DVD shelf and pulled off the Denise Austin "Burn Fat Fast" DVD. I blow the dust off and open it with anticipation. The last time I did this workout, I couldn't keep up. I think to myself, "It should be better now, because I am in better shape. At least I think I am,right?" The cover boasts "flat abs, tight buns, lean legs in minutes". Sign me up!!

I do the warm up exercises with no problem. I think "this isn't going to be that bad." On to the cardio portion. Yes, I will really burn some fat now..... So Denise and I are starting out slow and I think "ok....yes.....we are doing this!" The routine is using a lot of the muscle groups. I like that. It's like killing two birds with one exercise. Next is the house party dance. Cool..."I like to dance". I was doing well with the individual moves until Denise says, "now let's put it all together". Oh boy....my routine didn't match her routine at all. I was twisting when I should have been boppin' and side-stepping when I should have been grape vining. (Those of you are are aerobic experts understand those moves). I think to myself, "well at least I am moving". I am so uncoordinated!!!!

The whole time Macon the cat is laying on his back watching me with his paws up to his chest and has a look in his eyes of "please pet me!" Terry is playing solitaire on the computer commenting on my grunts and groans. He encourages me by saying "shake it baby... shake it!" Is Denise now telling me to "sasha-latte?" (I could use a latte right about now.) I have no idea what that move is. I just keep moving.....Cool down time. Yeah! I did it!! Woo-Hoo! Hopefully, some day.... I will get better and Denise and I will be in sync. (Like the Backstreet Boys).

How are you doing on your resolutions? Are you keeping up with them? Hey if I can shake it....so can you.
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