Thursday, March 19, 2009

Extreme Shopper, Skateboards, Skirts, & March Mustache Madness.

I guess I am an extreme shopper becuase on one hand I enjoy the Goodwill selections and on the other I really enjoy new clothing too. While on my trip to Denver, in one day, I shopped at three different Dress Barn stores. Terry asked my why I had to go to three stores? BECAUSE there is different stuff at each store. And when you can get new clothes for 60% off the retail want to scoop up on all the sales you can get!! Count me in!! What did I find? Jackets, shirts, shorts and more....

While out and about you always see interesting things. Denver is a very cultural city. They have works of art everywhere.

There is a Starbucks and a Mexican Food Resturant on every other corner.

I don't know what this guy's story is.

Here is the world's largest skateboard.

If you are Irish, you celebrate by wearing a skirt.

Hey Buddy...your car is on fire....

Alert! Segway Parking only! Violators will be prosecuted.

Pilots love mustaches especially in March. March Mustache Madness.

(Can you see it?) (Bonus, mullet in the background, underneath the hat)
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