Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Tidal Wave of Tidyness

So Brent was talking about doing the dishes today. He said he was trying train Marybeth to ask the right question, "Will you please do the dishes?" I gave him some sage advice. Don't wait for her to ask, just do it. Ladies....we know that's what we all want right? Someone to come in and do the chores, without us having to ask or mention. It's our secret dream. Not many get it but we can dream right? Actually Terry, my husband, is great at doing the dishes, without having being told. It bothers him to see dirty dishes in the sink. I am glad about that it bothers him, cause it doesn't bother me. Ha! And Brent?...Well here's another point...it could be worse. And he will eventually find out .....with the birth of triplets this summer, so enjoy the easy chore of the dishes now. The tidal wive of un-tidiness is going to hit and when it does, OH MY GOODNESS!!! you will be wishing you could back to the simpleness of the dishes. What household chore do you hate?
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