Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reason Enough!

It's pledge drive time at The House FM and we encourage you to make a pledge of support to continue the ministry of broadcasting the message of Jesus. As parents, we are so careful to watch how much junk food our children eat. We are conscious of the amount of exercise they get or.... don't get. We want the best for our children. Well at least I do. Do you watch over the music that they listen to? They are listening to something.....what are they filling their ears with? Why not make the investment to guard their hearts and minds against the negative influences of the world? Your support goes along way towards the "fitness" of your children, your neighbors children, and let's face it, towards your own fitness too. Won't you make a pledge? Online listeners, I am talking to you too! You know fitness is important to you as well. Make a pledge of "spiritual fitness" support here!
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