Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not Poision Ivy

I went by Andy's house today to help with a little project he had going on. (Which by the way is a whole other story). Joash, his 2.5 year old son, was showing me how fast he could run in the backyard. We get to the back fence and what do my wandering eyes do see is a fenceful of the most thriving, plush, vibrant patch of poison ivy I had ever seen. I immediately called Andy over and point out my findings and he has no idea that it is the evil weed. You know, about two weeks ago he shows up at work with a rash on his arm and by his eye. I asked him if he was allergic to poision ivy and he said no. But indeed yes he is, cause that is what caused his rash. On his face and in his yard. He knows now....

So I am telling my husband Terry that "Andy has the biggest patch of poinson ivy in the entire state of Oklahoma" story and as I am standing at the kitchen sink and looking out my window, what do my wandering eyes do I see???? Not poisoin ivy, but check it for yourself.

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