Thursday, November 15, 2012

For Those Times When You Want Your Load to Be Easier

We try our best at what we do.  And it seems no matter how hard we try...we still don't feel like we are good enough, strong enough, or jump high enough.  If only someone would just come along side you and make your  load just a bit easier.

Does it always have to be this hard?
There are days when the words you crave, are just thoughts instead.  
And then you question...why try?  Oh those pesky risky...incomplete sentences that bump into each other in your heart and are awkward.  
And then you wonder ...... 
Your looming failures lure your heart to a sink hole of trapped lies that entangle and snare with their tendrils.  And wrap your mind till it's telling you to just give up.  There is no way out.

Your heart is so unsettled.
What happens if you just stopped?  Would anyone miss you?  Would anyone care?  
So as I look at the transparent soul…I inwardly crave the very thing that slips so easily from my hands.  Peace.
What a messy place in which we pile your lies of self-deceit.  Hisses from the enemy...
"You'll never make'll never be perfect." 
 "You'll never be pretty."  
"You'll never be..."
Does it really have to be this hard all the time?  
Then...Grace swoops in and carries...deletes, negates the negatives, pauses on the positives.  

And Jesus whispers..."It's going to be fine.  Just keep your eyes on my Face....Keep your chin up...I am not running out of what you need.  Your green pastures are waiting."

Don't give up, stay the course....

Keep trying, you are stronger than you think you are.

Keep moving forward, keep seeking Me.  I know it’s stinking hard on those days. 
But you are more than those days.  You are more....  
God is more than your hard days.
...for today...don't look at those days.  
Can you feel God gently touching the ridge of your chin as He turns it towards His glory?  
At the end of all your tears you will hear, “It's going to be ok, it's going to be great.  The end is worth it.  There's joy in this journey...look to me for what you need.  I shall not leave you in want.”
"This hard journey you're on is all worth it.  See.My.Beauty.
Just stay close...sit in my shadows.  Lean little one.
I AM enough for you today, and your Forever.  I  AM what you need."
Peace comes.
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