Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Life With The Cat, part 26

Are you a cat owner or cat lover? Then you know the joys of cats, and the not so joyous occasions too. Like when our furry feline friends cough up hair balls and yak on the floor on the way out as you go to church on a Sunday morning. (Yeah that really happened). Anyway, they can be fun too, and when they crawl up into your lap and purr, they can be a comfort too. Well that is AFTER they "make the biscuits" in your belly, and you know what I am talking about, if you are a cat owner. Why do they do that anyway? Anyway, the cat is now derailing this blog post.

So yesterday, I came home to have my husband Terry tell me that as he was doing the laundry and about to turn the dryer back on again for another cycle, he found the cat taking a nap in our nice, clean, and almost dry clothes. OH MY GOODNESS!! Seriously, like he doesn't have enough of our entire house to sleep at his disposal?? Now he has to get into my clean clothes???

Terry says he has a solution and might actually put some energy into it. His answer is coming up with some kind of cat-proof cat weights that you can attach to all four legs to keep cats from jumping on to and into things where it doesn't belong. The idea is not that bad actually and makes sense. The cats of the world would hate it and it could be preventative to their jumping skills. Maybe this will be our "get rich" idea. What do you think?
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