Thursday, November 5, 2009


Do you have something that you are obsessed about? We are created and programmed to worship something. For some it's chocolate, search for love, stuff or possesions, etc. One time I was fascinated by Mark Spitz, to the point of dumbness really. A fanatc. I collected everything that had his picture or information about him. Now...years later....I don't know why, he's not important to me.

Some people struggle with what people think. Even to the point of becoming obsessive about it. Satan can trick us into thinking this is important. It is the fastest way to forget what God thinks about you. The focus goes from God to yourself.

My mom taught me this common truth, “You can’t please everyone.” In reality, we should not to live for the applause of men but the approval of God. Your self-worth is based on God's love for you. Don't let anyone....anyone tell you any different. Take a listen to The David Crowder Band's latest song "Oh How Loves", really listen to the words. God loves you soooooo much, we can't comprehend it.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of following God’s voice. Don’t let anyone’s criticism distract you from your passion or ministry. Don’t long for affirmation before you move forward. Say what God prompts you to say. Go where God leads you to go. Do what God puts on your heart. Let go of living for people. Become obsessed with living for God. Oh how He loves you....let that be your motivation.
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