Friday, March 19, 2010

Award Winning?

So...I got this award from Brent. I actually think it was a pity award. He said this about my blog; "her blog inspires and confounds me..." Well??? At least he reads them. So my task is to pass this award on to one other noteworthy blogger and tell you seven random things about me. And the award goes to...(drum-roll please)...The Host of the All Request House Party on The House FM, none other than Andy Youso. He was the power to find the most unusual things in life...and then writes about them. Seriously, are crazy!

Now the seven random things?
1. I once had a 6' color poster of Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz, please note "had". I wish I had it back.
2. I have a cat named Macon.
3. I crave fresh, steamed green beans, they taste like candy to me.
4. I don't mind changing dirty baby diapers.
5. I often wonder if they will ever colonize Mars?
6. I named the horse statue in Perry, "Choxie".
7. I have always wanted to be tall.

Well...there's that! Andy, it's your turn to pass the blogger torch!
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