Monday, May 31, 2010

DR Travel Log #3

Many of you know that I am going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic June 23 - 30, with 32 others. The organizers of the VBS team have sent this list of supplies needed while there. We will be reaching out to 300 kids total, ranging from ages 7 to 13.

Items need to fit snuggly in bags and brought with us on the trip. Each person is allowed two 50 lb bags of luggage. If you are able to help in any way or if you would like to send a donation to help buy these supplies you may. You can send it to station address or I can meet you and get whatever supplies you can provide. These children do not get things such as candy and toys like some children in the US. You may send candy, (please no chocolate due to hot climate and travel) and small toys. They love balloons and things that bounce! I will also can use items such as baseballs and gloves. These items can be new or old. There is a recently built baseball complex and the children love the game of baseball. Can you imagine 300 kids on a baseball field wanting to play? Any donation is grateful.

**** Just A Note that the Primary Language Is Spanish ****

VBS supplies (Theme is Egypt (?)

We would like to put on a VBS much similar to the VBS’s in the US but with no access to electricity and perhaps language barriers, we will improvise and make-do with what we have. We will have limited resources.

Shiny Beads
Paints (acrylic)
Paint Brushes (all sizes)
Old rags or t-shirts
Glue/accessories (rhinestones, etc.)
Mailing Envelopes

Candy (hard, no chocolate)
Fruit roll-ups
Fruit snacks
Snacks that can travel and not get squished

The craft Ideas planned thus far is:
• faith bracelets (leather and beads)
• Egyptian headbands
• We were blessed with 300 box wooden cars and we will paint & decorate them.
• Envelop puppets.

Let me know if you have any items you would like to donate. We appreciate your support.
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