Monday, May 3, 2010

Lessons from a fence post

Here's another lawn mowing lesson. Did you know that a fence post can remind you to forgive and be more forgiving? Here's what I was mowing around a broken off fence post, I realized how annoying it was. You know when you have to mow around things and this fence post is broken just above the ground level so that you can't mow over it, but have to go around it. I need to dig that post up and take it out...yeah that's on my "to-do" list.

So as I am mowing around it AGAIN...because I don't take the time to dig it up, I think about how deep the post is actually planted in the ground. God immediately brings to mind that I have some people that I need to forgive from years ago and how deeply planted those feelings were. Some past hurts or situations had caused me to harbor bitterness in my heart and I didn't even know it. Once I confessed and forgave (and shed a few tears :), I have felt so free.

God didn't intend for us to carry the burden of unforgiving. It will hold you captive and bound you up tighter than a straight jacket. So if you have some resentment in your heart, give it to God! We serve a God who calls us to forgive. Not to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing or injustice, but don't let anger fester in our hearts. Here's why..because that poisons our soul and our relationships. God forgave us and continues to forgive our fallen selves.

Remember we need forgiveness on a daily basis....sometimes minute by minute. God freely gives and so should you. There is freedom around that deeply planted "post" in your life.

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