Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Things First - Return to Camp

With Easter and thoughts of resurrection, I was reminded that I need to "do the things I did at first." When things don't make sense, even if you done it a 1000 times sometimes you have to go back to what you know. The basics. You just never know how eliminating a few things can actually help instead of hinder. It is a way you can once again reestablish boundaries, priorities and disciplines.

Once again I am starting to pay attention to what I am putting into my body for fuel. This chic-body has been running on some "empties" and that's not good. Yes, fruits and vegetables are still a good thing. I crave them!!

Once again I am exercising. That's not hard you might say...but yes, it is ....for me. It's hard because I have to put myself on the "to-do" list. I don't like to do that. Others first, not me. So I am returning to the exercise camp and giving myself 30 - 40 minutes of "me time". I crave the "I-am-doing-something-for-just-me" feeling!!

Still again I am spending more time reading God's Word and praying. Making the commitment to do what it takes to make it a priority. There hasn't been a break in faith by any means but I am doing it with more intention. God wants to do a "first things first" in my heart. I love Him!! So that my faith walk is not broken, I want go deeper with God. One way to do that is to pay attention to His work in my life. Show up for class! God wants to teach me something still and again.

Still again my prayer. God, I am lacking so much but yet You have so much to give me. Resurrect a new thing in my heart. I want the basics, I want the new. I want more of You. Tear down the walls of perfectionism and performance that I use. Transform, resurrect, and perfect Yourself in me.

Once again. The tomb is empty, what new or old thing are you praying for today?
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