Friday, May 10, 2013

Why God made my mother

My mom and dad 
For some reason I have been a bit reflective this mother's day weekend over most years.  I have a lot of reasons to be thankful for my mom as she has taught me so many things.    When I was a child she spoke a lot of whimsical sayings into my life that apparently are unique to only our family.  Like...

..."We'll worry about that tomorrow, and if tomorrow doesn't come, we don't have to worry about it."  Or this one..."If everything in life was as easy as doing the dishes, then we wouldn't have any problems." Neither one really resonated with me.  Because I learned worry from my mom and I grew up hating to do the dishes.  In fact, I believe in owning a dishwasher before buying plates.  Dishes are serious work.

God makes mothers with the nature to nurture.  God made her to take care of me, the youngest of three.

My mom has taught me many things like how to make melt-in-your-mouth homemade rolls and to be patient when sewing a dress seam for the third time (my first dress literally fell apart at every seam).  The fancy footwork of beating boys at kickball, Hide-N-Seek and Kick the can (Remember those games you play outdoors?).  She taught me a love of beets, the art of spitting watermelon seeds, and how to make meringue (I still can't do that last one).

She taught me to cook a birthday cake out of a dutch oven, how to roast a perfectly burnt marshmallow and where to touch a tent to make it leak.  The best entertainment for a man on a camping trip is a hand saw.   That kept my dad busy cutting wood for the campfire for hours.

She taught me that an angel food cake with sprinkles makes for really special days, and that Midge only needed Barbie and Ken as close doll friends.  She showed me we had our name on the same church pew on Sundays and that we be in place each and every time the doors were open, rain, sun, sleet, or snow just like the USPS.

She taught me faithfulness, a hard work ethic, and loyalty while working three jobs at once.  She cleaned my messes at the daily dinner table as I spilled my drink and my tears.  She would open her kitchen to the neighbors kids and give them cookies and sandwiches.  She taught me how to be fair, as I missed recess because I wouldn't eat one bite of that yucky canned plum business.  (Why would you ever put a plum in a can?)

She taught me to how to overcome during her season of breast cancer quieting the fear of that dreadful disease.  She taught me how to be pretty when she made the extra effort to get the extra wide shoes for my little chubby foot.  She taught me kindness in the face of cruelty from those who picked on me in school.  She taught me to look up when you didn't know which direction to go.  God will always show me and remind me that I am special.  She educated me in the school of nature with the birds and the stars.  She showed me the power of prayer.

I will remember my mom for how she taught me generosity.   She gave so much of herself to others that she never got on the to-do list herself.  She is slowing down some as she quilts and she spends most of her days watching her favorite baseball game on TV, her favorite team being whatever game is on at the moment.

She taught me compassion with a pair of Red Ball Tennis shoes.   She showed me how to be a mother.  She showed me unconditional love.  She welcomed me with my fears and failures.  She showed me the face of Jesus.  Generously and that's something I will treasure forever.

That's why God made my mother, to mother me.  I love you mom.

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