Friday, January 27, 2012

Heart to Heart

God and I ....we've had some dangerous conversations lately, honestly...they have been a little challenging.  God is changing my perspective about things.  I see that as a good thing.  God is illuminating my next steps, only inches at a time and I will tenderly tip-toe through with courage.  I am such a messy piece, He knows I can't handle the big view.  The task He has called me to is daunting and overwhelming.  I can only think about it a few words at a time.

God is doing a work in me that is not possible
when I'm living in my comfort zone.

I'm ready to accept God's challenge.  I can remember a time when I wasn't.

I am ready to put some muscle to it.  To give it some sweat, a lot of tears, let my little heart bleed.     

I know it will be hard work, I will wrestle with it.  Trying not to be afraid of it. 

There will be some easy parts and some hard turns.  Some thick and thin places.  Inevitable twists.

I will have to sacrifice, set aside, and dedicate.  I will need discipline.  This is not the time for lack of faith. 

I'm sure there will be failures, mistakes, errors.  But those refine and define.

But...mostly there will be a long obedience in the right direction with His goal in mind.  Obedience is what God requires of me.

As my humble heart meets His ...I am ready. 

I will follow.  Finally.  Surprise me God.

Has God asked you to do something hard?  

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