Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You, yes....YOU!

In church we have been learning that we can and need to be a "Paul" and or a "Timothy" to those in our circle of influence. God has blessed us with good and bad experiences. See how I included both kinds of life, the good and bad? Let's be honest life is hard, life is good. And through it all, God has a purpose and plan for you! One of the reasons God allows these faith experiences are so we can share , to be an encouragement, to teach, to help through and walk with those who are walking the faith walk too. Sometimes we can help, sometimes we can't, but we can remind the hurting that they are not alone, and bring the gospel to the lost. God didn't program us to keep it on the inside. We are called to share it.

You may ask yourself, "What do I have to give or to share?" Your life. How has God worked in your life? Have you failed? Have you had joy? Have you suffered? Do you have kids? You have life to share. One of the things I like to share are my tears...I're thinking how "girlie" of me. But that is one of the ways God has blessed me. I feel, I care, I have compassion, I love. I have emotions connected with my experiences and it runs so deep that I can't help but be affected or moved by the life moments that God allows and how He has worked things out in and through me. And I know you...yes, you! certainly have had those life moments too Through those snippets and seasons of life, God has you here and takes you through them for a purpose. How great now you can use those experiences to draw people in and give testimony about how God is working in you and drawing you unto Himself. And while you are thinking about it....remember God didn't give up on you or me...He truly is a God of second chances. You don't have to clean up your act before you meet Him either. You have experiences, feelings, life moments for a purpose. Are you getting this??? (if you were here across from me I would be all up in your face right now! :)))))

This sharing thing is what God wants for you, for me and for all. To be the church to build up, to motivate, to further His work. This is our calling as believers. Not the pastor, not your mom or dad, it's you....yes!!! YOU!! It is OUR calling. We have been changed, therefore we want others to be changed too. Who can you share a life moment with today?
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