Friday, October 22, 2010

One of THOSE!

Ever have one of THOSE weeks? Where you have all the good intentions, big "to-do" list, and then life just gets you down, wrestles you to the ground, puts it's hands around your throat, and tries to choke you? Yeah....that's been my week. Lots of ups and downs, ins and outs, and here and there. Can't write about that yet.


  • Just found out the the Burn Notice Premiere, new season is on Nov. 11. Looking forward to that!
  • I still miss my doggie Sophie. She's somewhere, not in doggie heaven, sorry I don't believe that dogs go to heaven.
  • I'm learning HUGE things in my faith walk with Sun Stand Still, so much so that I am reading it again. Round 2.
  • Whining really doesn't get you anywhere. Thanks Andy?
  • Brent and Marybeth McCoy have the cutest kids in the world. Seriously.
  • If you leave a Ziploc baggie full of homemade pizza in the fridge for 4 months, mold happens.
  • When everything falls apart....God is still there to pick up the pieces.
  • There really is a "King of the Internet" and I have met him.
  • Sleep matters. God Matters.
Yeah, all this has happened and it's been one of THOSE weeks. Whatcha been doin'?

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