Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moses Follows Me on Twitter!

When I got the email from saying that Moses was following me on Twitter, I thought it was a joke. It could be....not really sure. One thing I am sure about is that it's not the Moses of the Bible.

Ever think about Moses and what he would have tweeted through his adventures? I have been reading about him in Exodus and he was quite guy.

Moses makes his appearance in Exodus 2, as baby sailor in a wicker basket lined with tar, and made his way into young princess' heart. He spent his formative years as an Egyptian. Until he killed one, then he ran away. His tweet..."I don't see this ending well."

Moses saw fire. Moses received his "calling" in the pivotal account of the bush moment that one could never forget and we all refer to as THE sign from God when needing direction in life. When asking God the tongue in cheek question "are you sure you want me to go Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt"? Hey Moses...remember you just had the life changing moment of the burning bush...what about "Go!" don't you understand? His tweet..."I don't remember signing up for this."

Moses must have been a man of prayer. Moses, along with his brother Aaron, returned to Egypt and plead with Pharaoh to let God's people go. He had to be very brave to endure all those plagues. They were pretty intense to say the least...gross! Especially the dead frogs. How else could he have endured all the destructions of life and land without prayer? His tweet..."Mountains of dead frogs on every corner...that stinks!"

Moses had to be brave. God delivers the Israelites right up to the shoreline of the Red Sea with no plan B. They had to cross but feared eminent death with the Egyptians on his tail. So he had to believe God and saw a miracle of crossing on the dusty dry ground between the walls of water. God's plan B wasn't so bad after all as they looked back and saw the enemies drowning. His tweet...'Thanks God...but that was a little too close for comfort."

Moses had to be patient. Once saved from the Egyptians it wasn't long before the Israelites started to complain about not having any food. God sent manna. They complained some more and God sent quail. So much quail it was 3 feet high. Then they needed water. Can't they ever be happy? His tweet.."Complainer Jones doesn't look good on you. "

Moses was a mountain climber. He had to be to get the 10 commandments made...twice. You know he had to be in shape. Up and down, down and up. I am sure that he gargled his heart a couple times. It was no small feat. Also he stayed up on the top of Mt. Sinai for 40 days and nights. Now that's commitment. It was that important. His tweet..."Whoever said this gets easier each time you do it...well..they were wrong."

Moses was a peace keeper. Moses had to give all the rules to God's complainers now that the 10 commandments had come onto the scene. He taught all the rules and regs about property, social networking, the Sabbath, offerings and sacrifices. His tweet..."Really people this isn't rocket science."

Moses was a builder. He and his crew built the first Tabernacle, according the specific instructions measured in cubits. He also was a builder of tribes, of community. He and his crew built the Ark of the covenant and everything else needed in the first church. His tweet..."This would make a great "how-to" show on DIY."

Moses was the offering master. In the land of Leviticus it is easy to get caught up in the offerings for this and that. It is important bring back the tithe but you had to be a Jedi Master to keep them all straight when dealing with clean and unclean, mildew, infectious skin diseases, plain old sin. His tweet..."(said in Yoda's voice)...clean I will be!"

Moses conducted the first census. There's a couple of chapters in Numbers that must have really bogged Moses down. All those numbers....enough said. His tweet..."Can not compute numbers of tribes, can't...calculator anyone?"

Moses was a man of God. He could not give up on or abandon the call of God. He lead, he prayed, he pleaded, he invested in his people. He trained the first pastoral staff, and that of the next generation. He had to be quality, he had to resourceful, he had to trust. Most of all he had to trust God to do what God said he would do. God was obvious in his life, he had seen God face to face several times. Saw miracles upon miracles as he experienced Him firsthand. He also sought God and was willing to meet Him on His terms. He went to great heights to meet Him, to put His kingdom first. His tweet..."Promised Land or Bust!"

Moses was a true example of faith. Through it all, he lead. And didn't get to see the promised land. He knew the destination but had quite a powerful journey getting to the promise. His life was complete and teaches much about following and leading. His tweet...""Move with a purpose people!"

If Moses had a twitter account I would have followed him too. His life would have been full of amazing tweets.

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