Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It Feels Good!

How many times have you seen on Facebook or hear someone say after they are done exercising that they "feel sooooo good"?

Do you believe they really feel good?  There are days when I wonder if you are telling me the truth.  I exercise...and let me tell you doesn't feel good.  To be hurts, my muscles cramp, and my bones want to crumble under my weight.  It doesn't really feel that good.  Maybe you would rather say that your are vertical after that aerobic class.  Or that your lungs didn't explode after you pushed yourself in the last mile.  That is more like it I think.

I just purchased a used elliptical/stationary bike and 30 seconds on that thing and my thighs are burning.  I know I need to exercise, I know I have to exercise.  But it's not easy for me.  I am registered for a 5K race in like 2 weeks.  I.don'  I am not a runner.  It doesn't feel good when I run.  My lungs and legs don't talk to each other.  My main goal after running is to be able to breath and crawl to my car.

So if you ever see this post..."I just burned 1178 calories while mowing my yard on", know that I am exhausted, BUT I am feeling great about burning that many calories in a short time.  I like that.  I like investing in my body so that it is the best it can be.  Now that feels good!!

How are you honoring God with your exercise habits?
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