Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunscreen Blindness

Another day of mowing at the Keith house and today's spiritual nuggets is presented to you by Coppertone. I have to wear sunscreen when going outside or otherwise I will turn into a burnt lobster. I am learning one burn at a time to remember to put it on. It's really important for me to put it on all exposed skin. Even my face.

It's also really important to not put it in your eyes. Did you know that sunscreen mixed with sweat is not good? One result of that combo is that the mixture gets into your eyes and stings, and also prevents you from seeing where you are going. So get this, today I am mowing half my yard with one eye open or both closed. I was a blinded by the sunscreen.

God reminded me today, that sometimes walking by faith is like mowing the yard with sunscreen blindness. We want to see where He is leading, we want to take a look at the next step, but we can't. What God requires of us is to just keeping stepping or walking towards Him, even when we can't see or know where He is leading us. No amount of wiping your eyes will allow you to see. If we could see, what would we need to trust God for?

That "blindness" makes us trust, and it keeps our eyes on HIM. Our part is to keep on stepping out in faith, following the path laid out, mowing the grass before us, sometimes with one eye open trusting God to lead us in our sunscreen blindness.

Where is God leading you and is He asking you to take a step of faith?
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