Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't Forget!

One of the prevalent themes in the book of Hosea is that God is bringing his judgment on the people of Israel.  Verse upon verse records the many, many sins of God's chosen people.  Bottom line was that Israel was consumed with idol worship.  You think, how could they turn away from God?  How could they move so far from Him?

Israel moved, God didn't.  Hosea came to town and warned Israel, that because of their depravity, they would receive God's condemnation.  It was a way that God reminded them that they were headed for the worst trouble that they could ever imagine.  Israel knew God's laws, so where did they go wrong?

In the lifetime of Israel, God had delivered them from Pharaoh's hand, brought them out of Egypt, parted the waters so that they crossed over on dusty, dry land, he fed them in the middle of a desert, he cared for them endlessly, he saved them from certain death.  God saved Israel.  Did they forget what God had done?

What did Israel do after experiencing God's faithfulness?  They bowed down and worshiped the graven images of the day, the wooden statues, the stone carvings, the high places of wickedness, the things of their world.  They catered to their culture, they fit in with their friends, they didn't remind themselves daily of the God that saved them, or who God was.  They didn't remember the God of their forefathers who had done great and mighty and incredible things.  They sought their gods.

Israel forgot.

They forgot God.

No wonder God said he was going to bring His wrath upon them.  In reading this account, I think how often we forget God too.  How could we?  He's there every time we need Him to be, He' proven himself faithful many times.  He's certainly gotten us out of jams more times than any one person can count.  He's provided everything we have needed to survive in this crazy world, and some things we didn't know we needed.  And most of all, He sent his son Jesus to come to us to save us from our sins.  Yet.....we forget.

Hosea brought hope though.  

"My heart is changed within me; all my compassion is aroused. I will not carry out my fierce anger nor will I turn and devastate Ephraim.  For I am God, and not man-- the Holy One among you."  Hosea 11:8-9

Israel was detestable in God's eyes, they forgot God.  Over and over they had traded their believing hearts over to sin.  Again and Again.  Their hearts were cold for God.  

But God doesn't forget.

God, in His infinite love, mercy and grace, delivers hope.  He gave Israel another chance, he gave them a ton more second chances.  He gives us a ton more second chances, he freely gives his love, mercy and grace.  He gives hope.  In the middle of our depravity, He turns toward us.  God comes near to save us from our sins.  

He doesn't forget us.  Let's not forget God.

He's Awesome in every way you could ever imagine.  Nothing compares.  

He doesn't forget.  He can't forget you.  He is not man...He is the Holy One.  Remember what God has done for you.  Always Remember.

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