Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Not the Gomer in Hosea

I have been studying the book of Hosea.  It has been a huge eye opener in my faith walk.  Take some time today to really read it.    And then read it again with no distractions.

Sometimes I feel like a "Gomer".  That's not the true desires of my heart but because of the strong influence of the world I allow myself to be allured by ideas that aren't holy.  I wonder why I give myself away so freely and willingly?  It's called the human condition.   This is hard to write.

When I think about God's people, myself included, I see how easily we buy into the idea of comfort.  We like to be comfortable.  I have seen the uncomfortable life and I am not talking about just stuff.  We like to find security and be safe in our own comfort.  Think about what you surround yourself with in your homes, clothes, food, cars, jobs, bank accounts, technology, churches, entertainment, etc.  It's an endless list.   

Why do we go running to earthly things, when deep in our hearts we know as Christians, the only comfort we know is God?  Again, this is hard to right.  So my challenge to you is to stop and read Hosea again, let the Spirit be your Comforter.  Make a list of the idols and altars that have been built in your life.  Then reflect, reduce, and then re-commit your loyalty to the only Comfort that can bring true security.  I'm thumbing through Hosea once again.  

Honestly, where do you find your security?  (This is just me....asking the hard questions.)

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