Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Thing Is For Sure

My mind fills the awkward silence with a long sigh.  I wonder. In those quiet moments, I have some worrisome thoughts. My sighs crave a measurement.
"Just hit post.  What good does it do?  You can’t see it in person," hisses the enemy.  It's true somewhat...I don't see the results.  They are hidden for now.

There are days that I feel I don't accomplish much.  I think about how I should be doing something more tangible–serving at a community food kitchen, distributing groceries, hugging the African littles, something, anything where I can feel progress or see a forward motion. There are days I get hung up on needing to see and feel the results.  I know that's not right.  In my wishful thinking I want to see overwhelming approval.  I know that is wrong too.  I need more faith.    

What I really desire is evidence of something more tangible. I whispered to Jesus as darkness filled my early morning. “Are you sure God, I am so afraid!”  He has laid something on my heart, a challenge that I have never done before.  It's a task of great undertaking.  I have never ventured this far out of my comfort zone before.  It brings fear into my heart, it makes my palms sweaty.  And I don't know how it's gonna turn out.

Then... this verse rises into my heart…

Faith is being sure of what we hope for 
and certain of what we do not see.  
Hebrews 11:1

I’ve always thought of those words in the context of believing in Jesus but not in seeing results, things unseen.  On that morning it seemed liked there was something more He wanted to teach me. What God is calling me to do is just to be faithful.  What He asks of me is to act justly...and offer obedience in return. The results of the task are His business. He is the one making the difference. He is the One Building my Faith. He is the One who makes results transpire.  The One Who Loves whispered into this part of my faith and speaks directly to my obedience. 

Faith is believing.  Faith is sure.  Sure of hopes, dreams for the God-matters in this world.  

Faith leaps, bounds and builds.  Faith fans the flickers and flames of inspiration.  

Faith is certain of what we do not see…even in our adversities, difficulties,   uncertainties, and trials.  

Faith anchors us to the unseen.  Only God knows the pricks, the folds and the imprints made.  Only the Spirit writes His wonders on our hearts.      

Faith measures what matters.  It calls to the faithful.  Faith follows and obeys. 

Faith whispers, makes a difference, impacts. 

Faith hears Him whisper back saying…"trust…believe".  God is working the underneath things together for your good.  The I AM is taking care of the rest, the results.

Keep the faith.  Hold on.  Pray for deeper faith.  Pray for perfect faith.  With the results unseen, it's beautiful obedience.

Perfect faith is the faith that moves us to trust God even when it seems as though God isn't moving - Andy Stanley

What's a hard thing God has asked you to do?  Did you?
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