Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Confused!

Today are you seeking God on what you should do? Do you have your daily questionnaire filled out for God to review? Have you ever come to God with a whole list of questions?

Do you think God is confusing?

If you are struggling with knowing what do to...in life, in the next hour, in the next year or the next step of your life's plan..then know that if you ask God to make it clear that is exactly what he will do. He will cause clarity.

"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace." 1 Corinthians 14:53. (ASV) 

I love this verse. God doesn't want to cause disorder in your life. In fact, He goes to great lengths to show us the ways He wants us to go. So where does the confusion and mix-ups come from?

I love how direct God is as well. He makes things perfectly clear in His time. How many times have you prayed for a burning bush? How you ever questioned God on a "why" in your life? I know I have.

When I earnestly seek God with an open agenda, instead of treating him like He is my personal vending machine, then clarity comes. He gives me a moment of understanding that is definitely Spirit led. And when it's time for me to know, He won't hold back. There are times when it's not my business to know what God is up to.  But there are other times when it's clear without a shadow of a doubt. And as you know doubt easily blows in wind. It's in the moment of understanding God's Word that clarity comes.

God doesn't write confusion on our hearts. 

He will give you the understanding you need.

I found myself in a familiar place with my prayers, so I decided to mix it up a little. I needed to stop talking so ....much. I have been practicing the discipline of listening. For someone who talks for a living, that's a challenge. It came to me when I was praying for God to answer my prayers. Of course I want to follow God...but I found myself wanting fill in my blank pages instead of His. I knew it was time for a change.

Don't get me wrong, I am still presenting my requests before God and have seen Him to work in marvelous ways in my own family and in the lives of others. But there is a new level of communication I am entering with Him.  Here's what I found...

In my stillness....

.....in my waiting......

.....in my resting...

.....in my increased trust..

....I have found less worry, less weary days...more joy and more clarity from God.

There is no confusion where God is involved. His clear direction leaves little room for doubt. And when the desert storm hits, I am protected under His mighty refuge of trust. I am praying for God's agenda to be mine, I am praying for His plans and open doors of growth. When I make my prayers God-centered prayers, there is wisdom. When I don't look so much at my own empty pages. I soon forget about my confusion and unanswered questions.

He knows what he is doing...and I know I can trust his decision-making skills. 

If God is leading you to do something and you don't know how in the world it's going to happen...well...then...He is pleased that you are seeking Him to find out His best. If you are confused, He is waiting for you to allow His solution. His best is always worth waiting for. In your wait, seek and listen to His directions, knowledge and wisdom. He wants to give us clarity, He doesn't want to stir our hearts with uncertainty. The last thing he wants is our thoughts to crisscross with His. Believe me...His plans are for our benefit.

Who doesn't want that?
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