Monday, November 11, 2013

My 23 seconds of insane courage

If you have been a listener to The House FM for a while, you might have noticed that I am not on your morning show anymore.  If you haven't heard that news, then read this.

I hope I haven't disappointed you with moving on.  Please know that I still have a voice and God still wants to use it.  The truth is God is not calling me away, He's calling me out.  The enemy can't steal this voice that God is growing.

God has promised to use my voice still and has reassured me that this voice, the words spoken and written, are what's in my hands, so to speak, and He wants to take them to many places.    

At least this is what I understand for now.  

His voice came not in a burning bush or like a neon sign, but in the intimate conversations God and I have about voices.  This new faith journey all started and continues in faith conversations with God.  

"God lead me to where my trust is without borders."  ~ me
"How about you let me make a big splash with your written voice." ~ God
Blink....blink...says my heart as I absorb those words.  
Few and simple words.  
"How about letting Me take your words where your trust hasn't been before."  ~ God
"Yes, God please do..." ~ me, speechless.

Those few words from God where enough to
...kick start my passion, the flame of faith, 
...gave me 23 seconds of insane courage.  

What's in my hands?  Only words that God has given and really that is all I have to start with. So with a heart full of trust, I have put them on His altar of praise and said with a trembling voice, "Let Your heart lead mine." 

So how can I be sure this is my new now?  Because... 

This is my faith.  This is my trust.  I must trust and obey.  I'm not that gifted of a writer.  But God is the Giver of all words, so I seek Him in all words and more.

Now?  It's time to see where my 23 seconds of insane courage leads my heart as I wander through His.   

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