Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anyone need a worn pair of socks?

Ever think about what you are good at, but then fail to see and believe that it is a gift?  About three years ago with a workshop offered by my church, God showed me that writing was one of my spiritual gifts.  

I remember that weekend like yesterday, something snapped inside my heart. 

God was there to smile on the recovery my dream and gave me a sneak peak into how to have a written voice.  Plus He showed me a little of my own creativity by crafting my own mission statement!

Since then God has been at work and watered the seeds of faith and brought alongside some early believers in this dream.  Germination of a mighty dream began that weekend but God didn't leave it there..He sealed the promise with His truth.  

Habakkuk 2:2-4  "Then the Lord replied:  'Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald my run with it.  For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.  Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.  ....but the righteous will live by his faith'"( faithfulness as it says in the footnotes of my Bible.)

By telling you the start of my dream from three years ago, I see this verse as being HUGE now.

Don't you just love it when God connects your dreams?  Ever have those "aha" moments with God to say..."So back then you were leading up to this day?"  Those moments when your heart is filled with a little more understanding, and then you are caught wondering if God is showing you a little more than one little inch of a step ...oooh it's a little exciting over here in this little corner of the world...where's my notebook!

The important thing is not how I got here to this new day full of new things, new goals, and a new direction... but why I'm here.

I am at this point because back then, because I allowed my heart to be submissive to God's authority in my life.  I prayed a full surrender, trusting with my whole heart prayer that if God gives, then I had to trust Him with the results of the gift.  Also I have to trust Him for the opportunities to use the gift given.  

It's my love response back to the Giver.  Full trust in this.  

I know this about God that if I obey to "write it down" then, God will make my someday happen. 

But it's not without a lot of work, trust, and even more belief that God will.  God believes in your dreams if they are God-given dreams.  God keeps His promises to you. 

I have to tell you, from my little corner of the world, there were so many hurdles regarding my personal place, value, self-esteem and confidence to overcome before getting to a right place where God was calling me.  

I started as a journalist.  I started to believe God in this dream and in His faithfulness.   

The good news is that God is walking me through my issues.  This incredible journey honestly began back then on that Chazown weekend.  My heart couldn't wait for someday, so I gathered up all the gumption I could with just enough faith to start towards today.

When you show up before a Holy God with your heart surrendered, packed full of dreams, and lay it all down before Him then you have to trust God to show you what to do.  

Ever think about how we pursue His gifts more than the Giver himself?  

Even though it's hard, and this sounds big and deep, you know what?  I do it all over again, only the second time around I would have not delayed my obedience.  I would have come around sooner, to see God's truth.  When you invite God to your dreams, He will see your dreams through to His end for His glory.  (tweet this and link to this post!)

Just hold on to your socks, because He's gonna show you deep and unsearchable things. Even immeasurable and amazing details, and then for a little fun, He will mix it all up and show you some real truth to your heart.

Chasing dreams involves trusting God's process.     (tweet this! #janellekeithquotes)

When you trust God with your dream, He will speak life those unspoken places in your heart.  He'll dust out some of the cobwebs first, but will be all of up the middle of your dreams if you allow Him to do His tidy work first.  

My next step is to keep close to Him, keep believing in the Giver, and keep trusting in His process. Keep to what He has faithfully shown me back then, as I look forward to my new now. 

Anyone need my worn out pair of socks? 

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