Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So this is Christmas

The story of the birth of Jesus is just....lovely hope.  Love-filled hope that came.

Simple and pure.

The world waits on for this night.  We wait, we hope.

The Messiah is born, perfect and holy, in humility. Anointed. Our Savior.

The story just begins really...or continues. Isaiah, Micah, and Jeremiah all foretold this day when God's own Son would be born on earth. Many didn't have enough faith to believe.  They wrote truth over 400 years ago before we had Facebook and Twitter.

I love how God involved the lowly to tell his most important news. He trusts us all with the message of Christ.

In the midst of this dark, hopeless, yearning world, Jesus was born, on a most silent night.

All of heaven breathes life into a lifeless world. 

 Holy has come. 

The Heavens declare God's glory.  Our hearts sing...

Come let us adore Him....

Hope has arrived, and is swaddled in some baby blankets. So beautiful...and Heaven sent.

The Word became Flesh.

Our redemption began in a stable.    A foretaste of eternity with God.

How do we prepare for spending time with the Glorious?

We prepare our hearts continually...we willingly let His love change us. That's why Jesus came, for redemption of all mankind, but also to make us imitators of Holy, those that carry the name of Salvation.

What comes down this Christmas time is God's love — and the way to receive His love doesn't need us to wrap anything up — but to unwrap your heart before Him.  

Let the Glorious change you. Take in the Holy, the sweet fragrance of new life.

When we unwrap this kind of love it transforms us. Let it burn like a flame inside our overworked, worn and weary, most weak and feeble hearts.

Let the cares of this day, your life, your over-spent budget exhale and take in the Divine.

Advent – this season prepares us to take in the Holy breathe of Heaven, to dwell in us, to live inside us, to bring a Heavenly love anew, refresh us and it prepares us.

We ready for our finale, our ending with His beginning, His beginning prepares us for our ending.

And....what a glorious greeting we will have. Glimpse the holy at the stable, see pure simple, the breathing Life that prepares your heart room for a glimpse of heaven.

Oh how He loves us send us Jesus...

How can we prepare to receive the infinite in our finite hearts? In our weak frames, the strong shoot of Jesse?

The best gift we could possibly need in the most unlikely place.

Because He loves us so......and because He loved us first...

His Love came to us....wrapped for us, to unwrap our lives

We prepare by letting Christ undo our hearts and give Him our all.

In our undone-ness then we can feel Christmas love come down and hope invade our hearts. In the welling of our hearts and in the wrapping of our souls. In the middle of our preparations, He prepares us with the only thing we need...

His love and redemption...and grace.  Grace binds us for the eternal and bridges us to eternity. And it prepares us to for our end Hope.

My prayer: Lord, thank You for speaking to us through Your Word and Your prophets and strengthening our faith. Thank you for making the first move, thank you for connecting the dots of history through the ages, through the circumstances. Piercing the dark world to connect our sin with your redemption. Thank you for sending hope to the hopeless, the whole forgiveness, the complete wholeness that we all crave. Thank you for sending Jesus. Thank you for your indwelling in us lowly creatures that desperately need your grace. Thank you for your mercy upon us. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for bringing hope to our world. Thank you for your endless love. Amen.

Merry Happy Christmas as you receive Heaven.

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