Friday, September 26, 2008

Reporting the News

I watching Fox 9 news last night. Andrew Speno started out with, "They are making me read this story". He reported a story about a person who was arrested and while he was being booked, passed gas on the officer who was booking him. The police slapped an additional charge of battery on an officer. Whoa!! Why is this news?? Seriously!?! After Andrew was done Jamie Cerrata asked him if that was a "career low" for him? I would think so. For once I laughed out loud at the news of the day, but also felt a little sad for Andrew Speno. Click here to see what happened with the accused.

In other news.....Shaun Michaels just walked wearing a new "Friday" shirt. Now you might have heard me refer to his fashion habits as "unusual". He has two shirts that he wears only on Fridays. One is the OLD black San Jose Shark Shirt. The other is a newer black Old Navy shirt with blue lettering that looks like blue masking tape. It says OLD NAVY on the front in large block letters. TODAY he introduces a new shirt into the rotation. It's another black Old Navy shirt and on the front it has a gold OLD school cassette tape on the front. Really large and in charge. Notice a pattern here? OLD BLACK RETRO T-SHIRTS!!! Now that is news....I should call Andrew Speno!
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