Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Are Pretty Much My Favorite

I have been camping out in Psalm 139 lately

and today...

I am able to write the difference.  

I can finally say with confidence that God's truth can change your forever.  

You are loved.  I am loved.  

I am okay knowing that each one of these posts will not be perfect.  I am not perfect, and can't think or write perfectly.  That doesn't mean I am not striving for God's best here, but I am fine with not being perfect in front of you. 

I understand that I can't be, and I am okay with that too.

I am great with uncovering and discovering who I am in Christ.  He has grown that desire in me.  As my faith grows, I can accept my imperfections, but also I am assured that I am "perfect" and beautiful in God's eyes.  

Psalm 139 reminds me that I am loved completely.  Not just loved because that I am made in God's image, but I was loved before I was even a tiny thought on God's mind.  I like to think that God dreamed a little when He thought about making me.  I like to imagine that God says...

 "You're pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of ever."  
Here's the life changing truth...He loves you like that too. 

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.  I know that full well."  Ps. 139:13-14

I am great with the idea of God dreaming of how He wanted to create.  When I was a younger "beauty"....I didn't know how God felt about me.  I certainly didn't think I was beautiful.  I didn't do own my truth research and took on the opinion of others as my own.  I fell into the comparison trap with my nameless imaginary childhood arch nemesis who was always skinnier, smarter and faster at making her bed than I was.  I set myself up for failure because I couldn't be the perceived perfection I just knew God had expected of me.  I had always felt like I couldn't or wouldn't measure up.

So today I am now able to write the difference.  I am okay with the way that God, in His infinite wisdom, made me who I am because I am loved beyond measure and because God doesn't compare His children.  

My loving Heavenly Father has reminded me of who I am.  
I wear His name, I wear His beauty.  

I am great with being an imperfect, forgiven daughter of the King.  That still gives God many chances to perfect His work in me, but also it gives more opportunities to be romanced by the work of His Holy Spirit.  

I am really okay with all of this lovely plan.  
I know that I am His.  I know...He's told me..often in Psalm 139.  

When it comes to believing truth and as I open the pages of God's heart, I believe what He says in His love letter to me in Psalm 139.

Have you read Psalm 139 lately??  Stop reading this and read that.

Are you speechless yet?

Today I am able to write the difference and guess what...I am great with that.
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