Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ultimate Shopping List

Today with the big question, we asked if you let your spouse go the grocery store for you, how does that work out for you? One lady said every time she sends her husband to the store he comes back with the essentials, that would be Ramen noodles and a gallon of milk. Yeah, funny. Maybe the problem the shopping list itself. Maybe your grocery list isn't as organized as Darcey the engineer's. He takes grocery shopping seriously. Take a look.
Yes, this is his list. Can you believe how organized he is?? Is this the key to successful shopping? I mean he has it organized down to the aisle number of where he will find the product. I am amazed that anyone thinks about it so much and has done the research. It would definitely save time and money. That would be a good thing. Maybe I could hire Darcey to be my personal grocery shopper/organizer. Afterall, he is an engineer, isn't that what you would expect?
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