Friday, January 9, 2009

Altitude Check

Who moves to Denver in December? My daughter Lindsay and her husband Billy that's who.

Cooking is different there. It has something to do with the high altitude.

Shopping takes longer because there is always a crowd everywhere they go. 1500 people per square mile in the Denver populous. Because of the altitude, people have to live on top of each other.

They have a pro team for, hockey, basketball, baseball, and Starbucks. They just fired their football coach, blamed it on the altitude.

Denver was the site of the Democratic National Convention. Johnny, the manager at the Hard Rock Cafe, said that the DNC put Denver on the map. Politicians like altitude.

You always have a view of the the mountains to the west. But they don't call them the mountains there. It's the "high country". The low lying areas are called the front range. Mountains measure the altitude.

There is a Starbucks on every corner, literally. And another Starbucks across the street. Coffee tastes the same in spite of the altitude.

There is a big problem with the homeless here. Probably not bigger than any other city, just more of them. Altitude problem.

Lindsay and Billy live on the super highway, crosstown expressway, bypass, 6-lane autobahn. At least that is what is sounds like at midnight when you are trying to sleep. Denver never sleeps. Altitude causes traffic congestion.

It's cold but a "dry" cold. Not humid/wet like Oklahoma. It has something to do with the altitude.

Denver is known as the mile-high city. Altitude comes in handy when making a slogan about your city.
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