Friday, January 2, 2009

A Novel Idea?

Today's House FM Resulotion winner is Drew from Dallas, TX. He writes, "There is a novel that I have had in mind to write for several years but have not done so. I think the Lord has placed this on my heart to do but the task is so huge I've been afraid to take it on. In keeping with this my resolution is as follows: I resolve to do what He asks me to do no matter how daunting the task." Hey Drew, it is huge but know what? I bet you can do it! I've also always wanted to write a book, but the problem is that I would end up with a collection of horribly drawn illustrations that would not communicate my thoughts very well. If God is leading you to write, put pen to paper and jot your thoughts. Pretty soon you will have a 500 page booklet that at least your mom would read. Be encouraged because I think that if God is leading you down a path and you are obedient to follow He will see you through to the end. At least that has been my experience. Has anyone out there written a book that can encourage Drew? Please leave your comments below. Happy writing Drew!
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