Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Than a Resolution

There is a lot of talk about resolutions this week. I hope you are going to make some. I used to fear them, because I always failed. Part of me thinks that I didn't try very hard to make the changes and therefore it was easier to slump back into old habits.

This year I resolve to participate in the total exercise challenge (self-named) meaning to exercise 30 minutes 6 days a week; read 4 fiction books, make a new recipe at least once a month. Ok so to accomplish these, there will need to be some changes made in my daily schedule. Resolve to change for the better. Embrace it. Really try hard to succeed.

I was shaken by a sermon I heard about two months ago that really made me think of how easy it is to do just enough to get by. That day changed me and I resolved to make some changes. Those resolutions are my daily prayer now, so that God can change me to be who He wants me to be. They are:
1. Crave acceptance from God more than people
2. Share your faith with everyone
3. Think more about eternity in Heaven than life on earth
4. Don't gauge my morality by comparing myself to others
5. Don't take God's grace for granted
6. Turn to God first when I am in a bind
7. Give freely
8. Be different from the rest of the world
9. Conform to Christ, to enjoy His benefits

What are your resolutions and what are you going to do about them?
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